Do you think he's busy?

I'm friends with this guy. Yesterday I texted him late even though I read his texts and was free. Then unlike usual he texted me much earlier after I texted him back. Then he was talking to me till halfway through midnight. I fell asleep and his latest text was at 1.44am. I texted him early morning and he didn't text back he usually does by one pm.

Do you think it's because he's busy or he's getting back at me?


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  • >.> pshh I know some people who get back to me like two days later

    and I am so confused by the text because it's such a late response.

    It's so rude when a person doesn't replied back at good time.

    Like how busy can you possibly be? Can't write, "Ok" or "I'm busy talk to you later"


    • He was out of town one day and he texted back apologising the next day. So I don't know

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    • Damn, that's a lot of bad luck in one day.

    • Yh I know. The first few days he replied straight away even talked all the way till 2am. Nd it turns out our mums know each other. He texts me has a laugh but his patterns changed to one or two times a day. Like I reply and he replies back midday the next day. I don't know if he's busy or just not that interested

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  • 1. It depends on what the text was about i.e. if it warranted a revert

    2. He could well be busy

    3. Texts are pretty impersonal stuff which is why most people get very confused and misinterpret its contents and stuff

    4. Generally I'd say he may be getting back but it's best to ask him about it. since you are used to him replying back in a certain time frame.

    5. I recently waited for a 'friend' from Chicago to text me back after she'd initiated the texts (I scarcely do initiate) and I asked her something in the conversation that she didn't reply to. She texted back after a good 24 hours but nothing referring to the question. When I did remind her that I'd asked this after describing what I'd asked in the exact same words, she shot back "I have other things to do apart from reply to your texts" lol. which is why the 'friend' was in quotes ;) she ceased to be one :D so texting can be a pretty dicey game :)

  • I'd say he is just bz with other priorities. He doesn't have to text you back rite away since you guys are just friends. Sometimes I don't text back friends for several days or I just forget.


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