After how many days, should I bother if I haven´t hear anything?

We dated a few times, had a good time, texted regulary.

But he also mentioned a few times he is not really into texting in general. I know that he is very busy, so a haven´t heared from him since four days. He also said he is not up to playing games and if something would change he would tell.

I got a good feeling with this guy, but for some reason I can't believe him (probably my experiences) that he might just taking it slow and relaxed, instead thinking he is just fooling around.

Because in my opinion, it is OK that we Haven't seen each other, I am pretty busy too, but after all just texting to say hi from time to time is appropiate, isn´t it?


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  • what about calling him? haha

    • lol that would be too oldschool hahaha seriously I miss those days, when it was more common to call than to text...we never called, just texted than met

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    • good luck then

    • thank you

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