When will he text me?

I met this guy Thursday and we got a long great. He went to a get together that I was at Sunday night and we hit it off. He even asked about my number and so we exchanged digits. He really seemed into me, saying things like "When am I gonna see you again?" That kinda freaked me out because I'm not ready to move into anything with him yet. I don't mind going on dates but nothing further. I responded by saying "Don't sound so dramatic! Ha ha!"

We left and I hugged him goodbye saying "Don't be a stranger!" to which he said "YOU don't be a stranger!"

I expected a text by Tuesday but I haven't heard anything. I don't want to give the wrong impression by texting him first--that may show more interest than I want. I do like him but I'm keeping my feelings in check.

Why hasn't he texted me? I'm thinking he's just busy and it's nothing more than that, but do you think it could be something I said/how I reacted?


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  • "dont be a stranger" is bad. Don't use it. It leaves the guy confused as to if you are interested or just want to be friends. It sounds like he was flirting hard core. He may just have been playing the field. Either way, don't hit him up first.if he doesn't contact you again, in about two weeks, if you are still interested, you can send a "hey, how's everything going?" and see where that goes

    • Thanks! Ironically he texted me later on and we talked for an hour. We're gonna talk today about getting together sometime this weekend.

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