Should an average-looking guy not date?

I’ve been told I’m average-looking. I don’t have high standards for a girlfriend. I’ve approached many girls, almost all of them being average-looking and less-than-average girls. But I keep getting rejected. No girl has ever liked me, as far as I know. Should I give up?

Also if I’m only average-looking, I don’t really like the idea of passing on my genes some day anyway. I’d feel sorry for any child of mine, especially a son, who grows up to be only average-looking.


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  • Should an average-looking guy not date?

    I don't do 'should' unless it involves behavior that may harm children/animals. I don't think not dating is suited based on how one looks since most guys are having sex, dating, in relationships, or married and most guys are average-looking.

    I think not dating is suited based on one's efforts and how they have been affected by it If an average-looking guy is not doing well in his romantic/sexual efforts and it's severely negatively affecting him then it's probably suited for him to not date.

    Should I give up?

    If you want to.

    " I’d feel sorry for any child of mine, especially a son, who grows up to be only average-looking."

    Egh I'm not seeing a reason to be sorry as most people are dating, having sex, and in relationships and most are average-looking.

    • Well, yeah, but it'd be a lot easier if he/she's good looking. There's plenty of stupid successful people too. That doesn't mean I'd not care if my child turned out stupid.

    • Meh in my opinion if average is not a drawback making life harder than I don't see a reason to be sorry to be average.

      Bit off in my opinion to use the stupid comparison as stupid is being below average and what you're talking about is wanting above-average instead of average.

      It'd be more comparable to state there's plenty of average intelligent successful people too that doesn't mean I'd not care if my child turned out to have average intelligent since being a genius is easier.

    • Yeah, I meant average intelligence. But I'd still be of the same opinion.

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  • hell no

    go ask out as many girls as you like, even ones YOU THINK are out of your league! the key is being confident and making the girl think you know you're a great catch.

    so what if some girls think you're ugly, beauty is individual and what one person may think is ugly another will find very handsome

    even if you have a face like a warty bowl of jam, don't give up and stay looking! you deserve happiness as much as the next guy and remember there are mega messed up people out there who manage to get gfs and wives so why can't a nice normal guy like you? :)

    • I am confident though. If I wasn't, I wouldn't approach. But still no success.

    • what you're doing is approaching average girls you're settling for and that's the body language you're giving out to them.

      go up to some hot girls and act like a really confident, hot guy (not a jerk though) or even a pretty girl and see the difference in reaction

    • I'm not 'settling' for average girls. In fact, I really don't want a hot girlfriend. I just want an average girlfriend. But I do approach some hot girls too.

  • No he shouldn't


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  • No! You should never give up...just because some stuck-up girls who probably have 2 gallons of make-up on their faces reject you doesn't mean you should hang up.

    The media, movies and MTV has (some) average girls thinking they can land exceptionally looking guys. To add to this symptom of modern delusion, average girls are actually approached more than hot girls by guys...this makes them think that they have high value.

    Bottom line. This happens. And thought it feels sh*tty, you have to learn from it and evolve.

    Grow a thick skin, be yourself but at the same time change your body, habits and mind-state.

    Become more confident and learn to laugh at the dating situation in general. It's only a game, you win some and you lose some...but as long as you keep at it and develop as a more confident person you will get a good girl one day.

    Looks has nothing to do with dating or picking up women...and anybody who says other wise is a superficial, shallow brain-washed idiot, don't let them corrupt your thinking by you believing them. Personality will win the day.

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