Would you trust him/her that much?

Think what if you have been dating someone for over 6 months and you both finally made love. You both are always open and honest with each other and you feel potential there. You both would text pics from time to time. You both know its is real. What if your partner started to get distant because their job promoted them to a high position that requires his or her attention and effort majority of the time. This means no quality time with you for awhile. What if he or she told you that its hard for them to hang out on a "date ish type hang out right now." What if he or she says that their life is on their career right now not saying that they don't want you around. Considering that he or she said "right now" would you stay and support him or her? Would you trust that when he or she is done pursuing their goal that he or she will want to be with you? Would you still text him or her from time to time? Remember that this person has been nothing but good to you and there is deep connection.


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  • In all honesty, I would stick around with them for as long as they would need me too, because I would hope that they would do the same thing for me.

    • How would you support him or show that you are there if you don't see him every day? Any suggestions. I haven't text him for a few days.

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    • Thanks...I sent you a friend request

    • Ah, OK. :)