How could tell if a man is jealous (when you are not dating him)?

Are there any signs? What will he say or do? Body language?


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  • Watch him when you're with another guy. If he stares or if he averts his eyes, or if he looks like he's in pain, you can be pretty sure he doesn't like you with someone else!


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  • Are you trying to make him jealous?

    • Only if he's jealous too

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    • No

    • Yes. Grow up.

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  • You have to test him, and see his reaction

    Like lets say your going out with your friends, send him a picture

    Of you after you got all pretty and hot, and tell him your

    Going to the club or out with the girls, and see what he respond

    It would be kind of obvious if he gets jealous or not

    You will be able to tell.

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