I slept with his co worker before we met

Okay so last year I went through a rough break up and then a lit of other personal problems in January my ex tried to come back in my life and it just brought back old memories at a bad time I didnot want to that dark place needing some comfort I ended up sleeping with a co worker I so regretted it and it was just that once a few months later an old co worker came back and we hit it off we have been dating for three months now and are really liking each other and we are getting real close but he has mentioned to me he broke his rule of nit dating at work for me. Should I tell him I slept with the co worker by the way the speak, I don't want him finding out by someone else and do you think he will stop speaking to me? It was the worsy decision of my life now I regret it more


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  • DO NOT bring up your past sexual history! What are you thinking? He does not want to know how many miles you have on you. Guys put girls up on a pedestal. You squawking about your past sex life is gong to lower his interest in you, and lower you down the pedestal. Keep quiet! Bringing this crap up does not help the relationship!

    • I Agree actually now thinking of it. And I was speaking with my friend, I don't think his sexual past is my business so mine should not be his. I guess I was just getting bad advice from friends that aren't happy right now

    • Yes...bad advice. I doubt you would want to know how many girls he's slept with...and probably wouldn't care to know who they were. Knowing would make you think less of him. Good luck to you!

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  • I think you should tell him before he finds out from someone else. And while it may not have been wise, it wasn't immoral. I would hope that he wouldn't hold such a thing against you. I'd even question on what grounds he would have a right to hold it against you. Surely you wouldn't hold it against him if he slept with a coworker in the past.

  • He is going to regret breaking his don't date at work rule lol, you guys are just getting started and there is already bulls*it drama. He has to go to work every day with the random guy who fu**ed his girl friend a few weeks ago. I don;t know what his reaction will be but he will find out one way or another, either from you or from co-workes.

    • Lol. I know he will. I know you can't tell his reaction but you think hell still speak to me or would he break up with me?

    • It's rally hard to say! I would have to know him very well to favor one option over the other.

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  • This is a sensitive situation requiring you to wait for the right moment to tell him. You both need to be sitting down, relaxed, outside of work... perhaps on a date, when you do tell him. I think it would be best he hears it from you then somebody else. Be completely honest about the situation and how you feel about it. Tell him that you wanted to let him know so that he didn't hear it from someone else. Just be calm and honest...

    • Thank you that is my plan but how do you think hell respond will he not speak tp me again

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    • Let him know that you hope that what you guys have can continue and if there is anything he needs from you that you will be there for him to answer any questions or to help the two of you through this situation in anyway you can.

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