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So my girlfriend and I have been dating almost a month now and we were gping on dates for 3 weeks before that. she's the first girl I've trusted in over a year because she seems genuinley nice. Well things have been great, but she had her best friend whos a guy sleep over her house last nigjt and he's still there. They also dated and had sex but she ended it because it was too awkward. Now if it was any other girl I would assume the worst but she seems like she wouldn't cheat and has been completely honest with me since the begining. I'm not sure what to think .

Well he tried to dosomething with my girlfriend but my girlfriend told him no and it made her really uncomfortable, nothing happened but I'm going to have a talk with him next time I see him and my girlfriend isn't gonna hang with him alone anymore


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  • I'm not sure how to answer this - I can understand the urge to jump to conclusions, but she told you all her history with this guy and she told you that their still friends - which is one thing, but she's also told you that he's staying over at her house, which implies complete honesty, but that doesn't necessarily mean that nothing happened, your gut instinct is to trust her and you don't think she would cheat on you so I guess that's what you have to go by but to be honest no one would blame you for having concerns or trust issues because of this, even if nothing is happening it seems really insensitive to you and your relationship with her.

    Maybe you should talk to her and just say that you are really uncomfortable with her ex staying in her house and especially sleeping over, that's reasonable, - why is he there?


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