What does he want from me?

I have been talking to this guy online since April as a friend. We decided to meet 3 weeks ago and got along really well. He's younger than me, however. He's 35 and I am 45. On our 5th date, we slept together and we both enjoyed it. But he never calls me, only texts, and I sometimes wonder what he really thinks about me. He's very respectful, but a bit guarded. I don't know if we are exclusive or not. Now that I slept with him, I feel more attached to him and feel that it might have been a mistake. He has been in touch but I seem to be the one bringing up the next date. I want to stop seeing him now if he is just having fun. When I asked him about that before, he said he was not looking for just fun...I am SO confused.


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  • I think he's the kind of guy who "doesn't know what he wants". As in he doesn't want to just have fun, but... he really likes you, but... he thinks it was great in bed, but... and so on.

    I hate this kind of people, they just make me lose my time, spend energy and raise my hopes in vain.

    By the way, girl, you're 45. At your age you should know better than to sleep with a guy who hasn't been spontaneously crystal clear about your relationship. He doesn't know where he stands himself.

    Stop looking for him and see what he does. Is he too shy to call you or is he texting because he has something to hide? Again, stop looking for him.

    • Thank you for the feedback. When I stop contacting him or when I tell him that we should really stop seeing each other, he's the one who comes running back to me. I have been weak and accepted to see him again but no more! It's just way too confusing to see a guy who does not know what he wants. I do have to say that he's a nice guy and I will miss his company but I just can't deal with the situation. By the way, I have had my share of men in my life so I knew I was doing something wrong...