So a coworker told my boss that I went on a date . My boss was like why are you going on a date I thought you

had a boyfriend. I told him we broke up. Then he was asking me how that went . I do not know why he cares. I was joking around with him and I called him King Tut. He was like you need to be less lippy with me. All I have ever done was try to help you and this is what I get. You really think I am that egocentric if you are joking okay but if you really think that then you do not know me. I apologized to him and said I was joking. He said if you really are sorry then okay. I told him again that I was sorry really was that I was joking and that he was going to make me obsess about it all day. He was like it was okay and just drop it . What gives?


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  • He's either very nosy or he likes you but it depends where you work. I know at restaurants, sometimes the managers expect you to flirt with the customers and will fire you if you don't bring in good tips.

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