Why do feelings make things so complicated?

I know this guy, we went out a couple of times and I had a good time. I didn't think twice over things I did, like texting, asking him to hang out, ... but recently I figured out I'm starting to like him, and now things are going overdrive. If he doesn't text me all day, I start to think: "oh, OK, he doesn't like me so why should I text him?". I don't want to bother him by texting him (too) much, I just text him once a day and see what the reply is, I don't text him every day because I don't want to be running around after him, you know?


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  • Stop reading so much into the texting. You start to sound like a Jr. High girl: Oh, he didn't look at me today...

    Maybe he had other things to do.


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