Why would he text me now? It's been 3 months. Should I respond?

I met him at a Thanksgiving party, and we weren't together but in a way we where? I don't know, we would kiss and stuff and I would pretty much tell him EVERYTHING. & For the next 3months we would spend about everyday together. So I of course that was a good sign, all the time I had been with him, and decided to take our friendship to the next step. & See if he would be with me. So I asked him, and he told me that he had a had a girlfriend back home :o For 3 months I told him everything, and he couldn't bother to say he had a girlfriend?!

Anyways we got in a fight, and he never called or texted me again. And eventually I got over it. But now it's been 3 months later, and he send's me a message "Can we meet up sometime ?" Like really you never even called & now you do?! Why? :o I sort of think that maybe he might not be with his girlfriend anymore and that's why he texted me >:( But right when I have finally gotten over it, just why would he do that?

I kind of still have feeling for him, after all this time, and everything.. Should I see him? Or just never respond like he did to me?


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  • ask him why he wants to meet if he had a girlfriend. but hell, sounds like he's a real player! not one to be trusted even if he is single. if he did that to her he can likely do that to you too.

    • Ughh, I know :( But thanks, writing it down actually made me realize that he was a player and, I wouldn't just want to be another girl to him. :o

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