Should I just stop texting and see If she contacts me?

I have seen this girl 6 dates in almost 2 months. I just don't know what to do. She works a job from1 to 10 pm and I only can see her either fri or sat. I ask her about me coming by for an hour or so after she works. She tells me she is too cranky and tired.

What I don't get is she keeps wanting to go on dates with me, but she hides her feelings for now. She likes me I know. Any one ever been with a girl and she would tell you when its OK to finally kiss her? I have kissed her cheek many many times. After last date she did kiss me on the cheek. Which I guess is progress. If I text her, she would take forever to reply. Always saying she is busy.

Should I just stop texting and see If she contacts me? We are gonna do a 7th date, but in 13 days. Should I just find some one else and stop putting so much time on her. ?

I get really confused is to how interested she is. She does work a stressful job. I do feel like she is getting more comfy with me. She tells my she is conservative and when I asked about what if I fell I asleep on your couch she would say never. Its not proper. lol what


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  • Maybe she hides her feelings because she's not sure about yours? So she feels she's either coming on too soon or you'll think she's too much. She agrees to go on dates with you and they don't get cancelled, which is a good/neutral sign. If she didn't like you, she wasn't gonna spend time on you. When she says she's cranky and tired after work, believe it or not, that's not always an excuse.

    I suggest you don't text her for a day or two and see if she initiates contact. I'm usually not a fan of "rules of dating" or "how to text your crush", but I wouldn't like it if I had to initiate texts and contact all the time, it's nice that the other person lets you know they're thinking about you once in a while.

    Maybe it's time you have a talk about things, how you feel about her and this and that. Though I know it's hard for that to do, but I don't really know how else you can know if she's into you. Some girls (including me) do their best to hide their feelings the minute they realize they're into a guy, and sometimes that makes the guy think she's not interested.

    • She knows I like her. She knows I wanna kiss her. But maybe its her past that has made her this way. Ill the aholes she has dated maybe as something to do with it. She tells me she is making sure. I guess I have the patience to wait for her. I feel like when she is out with her co workers, I just don't get why she wouldn't asked me to come with her ? She tells me she is not ready for me to met her friends but its OK that she met mine. Makes no sense.

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    • I have asked her all she says is she is busy. Maybe just wait for her to text me.? I have been told that by many people I have talked too. I think its to see how interested she is with me. Ill text her something and I won't hear back unless I send another. She is just a really odd girl. I never met some one like this before.

    • I would wait till she texts you, taking the initiative all the time gets annoying.

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  • Yes, she's just being polite and.or letting you pay her way. She's too cranky as she says herself, to put much effort into any relationship.

    There wont' be hard feelings if you back away and start seeing her only once a sounds like that's all she has any QUALITY time for.

  • If you like waiting on this schedule, then continue on. Otherwise, look elsewhere

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