Do you know anybody who is not very attractive that gets a lot of dates or into a lot of relationships or sex?

Do they get more dates, relationships, or have more sex than you? how do they do it? how does anybody get into a relationship, what is the process? How do you know that the person is interested in you for sure? what types of questions do people ask when they really want to get to know you, I am terribly bad with people and I cannot even understand the basics of how to flirt or if I am supposed to know what somebody is flirty activity.


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  • i know a girl she gets a lot of casual dates and sex but guys are never in it for the long haul and she isn't pretty. she must have screwed more than 15 and she's only in her early 20s. she's also kind of fat but she has big boobs. so I guess the boobs, alcohol, and she is very outgoing and must seem easy. she dresses slutty a lot.


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  • Any friends I have or had that have had more dates and hookups than me have been better looking and all of mine which aren't as good looking as me less so, so at least from my own personal experience it has been more attractive = more sex. Although obviously if you have amazing confidence, personality and funny you can up the ante a bit and enhance it.