My boyfriend doesn't text me a lot. Do you think this is something normal?

From Monday to Friday he doesn't text me a lot at all.. just to say goodnight every day. He calls about once a week, on a Wednesday mostly. Seems like he's not that interested in my life because he doesn't text much. Do you think this is something normal?

He has a full time job, and I do too.

I only see him on Friday night, Saturday and sometimes Sunday.


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  • It's really hard for me to think this is normal, when right from the get-go, my boyfriend and I were together all the time, never seeing each other for less than 24 hours. one year later he moved in with my parents and I and now we live together on our own.

    Even though he doesn't text you often, you do see him 2-3X a week and I don't know how long you've been together but I believe that is better than my situation. You get to have a break, which is good and you don't get on each others nerves. As long as he is not doing anything bad, I think it's understandable because you both work full time jobs, which is tiring on its own.


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  • Maybe he's just stressed from work.

    Maybe he's not very itnerested in you.

    There are many possibilities.


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  • seems normal for a guy with a full time job, he's just tired and doesn't give it much thought like we women do.

    to him he's talking to you every night by saying goodnight and he calls during the week, he probably thinks he doesn't need to text more often because in between all that he probably comes to see you on the weekends or weeknights too

    • No he doesn't visit me on the weeknights.. only the weekends. So I was wondering whether I'm wasting my time on someone who's not that interested in me as a person.

    • he sounds interested, you see him for his entire weekend and he contacts you every night and calls you once a week. he's got a full time job so he won't be up to texting lots plus he probably has nothing interesting to say because he's ben at work all day which is boring to always talk about

  • that isn't great. he might just want sex

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