Is she no longer interested? What went wrong?

So, I met this girl through a dating site, we sent several messages back and forth, eventually I got her number. Her and I started dating roughly a month ago. We've been on four dates in that time, each time she was punctual, and she really enjoyed herself. After the second date, she was practically begging for me to kiss her on the third. We made out, a lot. On the fourth date, we went to her place. We watched movies, cuddled on the couch, went out for frozen yogurt, and pizza, and made out more. I'm sure we both had sex on our minds until her roommate walked in on us. I decided to take off a little bit later, we made out before I left, and she walked me outside her condo.

We were supposed to have a fifth date last Thursday, at a restaurant she had suggested. Thursday came around, she cancelled on me, saying that her HR manager was in town (she actually was) and wanted to take her and her coworker out for dinner. She asked if it was okay with me, and if we could reschedule. I said sure thing. She suggested Sunday (today) as she was driving out of town Friday and wouldn't be back until today. She wasn't sure what time exactly. I agreed.

Normally she's the type of girl that will reply to texts within an hour, but I haven't heard from her since Thursday. I've sent her a few texts over the course of those two days, and no response. I came up with the idea if I liked a photo or two of her on Facebook, she'd know I was thinking about her, and might respond to my texts. But when I checked to see if she was online today, I had noticed she removed me as a friend..

I decided since she hasn't texted me back, I'd call her. No answer, so I left a voice mail. I said I hope she was having a nice trip, and that I missed her. I kinda confessed to her how much I actually did care about her... maybe even loved her.. I also asked why she had removed me as a friend from Facebook, if we were still good to hang out later on today, and to call me back later. Six hours later, no response yet.

I'm pretty bummed right now... Is she playing hard to get with me, or genuinely not interested? Did I scare her off by being too clingy? I decided to wait it out for now, but might send her another message later today.

Well I logged onto the dating site for the first time since getting her number. She was last online this morning, a few hours after I had left the voice mail.. Sigh. =(


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  • "Did I scare her off by being too clingy?"


    "I decided to wait it out for now, but might send her another message later today."

    NO! You've already lost this girl because you acted too needy and clingy. She's history; let her go. For the next girl, act confident and give her the space she needs. Otherwise you'll make the same mistakes all over again.

    • Sigh. It's hard to find a perfect balance between caring and not being clingy. I guess it's something I have to work on.

    • You don't have to find a balance. Just stop caring about the outcome. Girls actually want a guy who doesn't depend on their acceptance. You'll be amazed by how much your life improves when you stop caring about the outcome.

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  • Don't send her anything else...cut your losses and move on to the next woman.

    Normally I despise reading so much into FB statuses and all of that crap, but the fact that she removed you as a friend on FB is a pretty clear indication that she's not interested anymore.

    • I just don't understand. Everything was going great between us.. It's so out of character for her to just ignore me like this. Sometimes I would text her and get a reply back literally instantly. I'd rather her just tell me upfront she's no longer interested, then to just straight up pretend like I never existed..

      I'll probably take your advice about not sending her anything else, for now, but I don't want another girl. I want her. =(

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