He didn´t kiss me on 5th date. What´s wrong with me?

We met few times and we made-out on our 3rd date when we were little bit tipsy. During that night he told me he really likes me and he is serious about me. After that date he started to act colder to me, but we continued dating. Since then no kiss, but we are seeing each other. What does it mean? Am I not attracting him?


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  • Maybe he just feels like you don't want to kiss and is afraid of making the move, I guess some guys can be shy about it perhaps. The fact he is still going out with you and said he likes you means he does so I can only guess that is the reason.

    • the thing is that is is a real macho guy (a really confident one). once he even told me he was a "lady killer" few years ago, so I just don?t understand why is he so cold to me, but he told me several times how good I look, he even called me irresistible. But every time when we meet he is not showing any interest in kissing me. And I?m so affraid that when I would make a move he would reject me, because once he told me he wants to take it slow :(

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  • you did say he was tispy. without the alcohol maybe he feels more inhibited.