Is it rude/ frowned upon to text more than one girl after getting numbers at parties?

Basically I got 2 or 3 phone numbers yesterday at this party, I wasn't really flirting with them I just wanted to make some friends.

If I text more than one of them will they think I am some kind of 'player' who wants to date more than one of them? (which would be completely untrue)

I don't know whether these girls are good friends or not.

I have already texted one, another texted me, I'm just wondering whether I can text the third without seeming douchey

(speedy responses are appreciated, otherwise I might have left it too late to text them at all)


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  • If your intentions are friendship, you're good. If it's sex, then it could be seen as player/douche bag behavior.

    • But they don't know my intentions are good, so do you think it could come across the wrong way?

      Thanks for the near-immediate reply by the way :)

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    • Both replied :)

      *victory dance*

    • Good luck!

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  • you can text them but don't try and date all of them at once. make up your mind which one you want to date.

    • Oh yeah I'd never do that.

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