Is there hope for a relationship?

I really like this guy. We have become friends over the past 2 months and have had some solid conversations. He treats me with respect and doesn't tease me like he does with other girls.

We have had really mature conversations and with other people he jokes around with them.

He genuinely talks to me. One time we talked for 45 minutes and when someone interrupted us, he went right back to our conversation when they left.

If I am there and he's telling a story, he will look at me/tell it to me, even if it was meant for the whole group or someone else.

I honestly thought he liked me back, but after a great talk he made a comment to our friend group like:

- Couldn't you see her (meaning me) dating "so and so"

- Then he asked me, "What kind of guy would you date? Do you like quiet or loud guys?"

He also makes comments all the time about how he wants to get married and stuff but he hasn't found the right girl and isn't ready for a relationship. I'm just saying to myself, "Hello I'm RIGHT HERE!"

Literally its perfect. Our friend group is all either married or dating and we are the only ones that are single and available. We would be really good for each other in the sense that we would balance each other out well.

Is there hope? What should I do? Why is he so blind?


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  • Is there another close friend in the group you can ask? Someone that can feel him out and say things like, "I can see you dating 'anonymous' user (because I don't know you're name)

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