First official date with my shy girlfriend. How did I do?

I just got back from my first date with my new girlfriend who's pretty shy (were both 18). If you're wondering this is how I asked her out:

Anyway, here's what happened; please tell me how I did:

I went to go pick her up at 6, I got to her house early and waited till 6 to go to her door. She answered it and we greeted each other with a hug. Her parents came to the door and I said hello and they told us to have fun. The car ride was fun. We went out a few times before and were coworkers so we knew each other fairly well so we just told each other how our days were and I tried to be funny and she giggled.

First, we had dinner. I wanted to do something simple so we ate at a pasta place and I paid for us even though she insisted we split. I told her not to worry about it and she let me.

We went to go see a movie after and I insisted I pay as well. During the movie she put her head on my shoulder and I put my head on her head. Later on she leaned all the way on me and I put my arm around her.

To finish the date we went to the beach were we sat on the sand and talked. We eventually started cuddling and I put both my arms around her. I told her that she means a lot to me and that she makes me so happy. She smiled and got closer and told me that I also make her happy. She also told me what I did after her violin recital (see previous post) was the nicest thing anyone's done for her and she was truly flattered and happy. I told her "a special girl like you deserves the world". She smiled again and turned around to kiss me. I pulled her closer to me and we stayed like that for a while.

It was late and I drove her back home. She fell asleep on the way so when we got back to her house I opened her car door, took off her seatbelt, and tried to pick her up. She woke up a little dazed and asked what I was doing. I told her I'd carry her to her room. She smiled and thanked me and I did so. Her parents opened the door and I said hi and saw her in my arms. They let me in and I put her on her bed. I gave her a hug and said goodnight and she thanked me for the night. I walked down stairs and her parents thanked me for everything I have done for her. I told them that she means a lot to me and I enjoy having her in my life. They said that she feels the same way. We said our goodbyes and I left.

Did I do fine or did I over do it? Thank you for your help everyone! :)


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  • You did...typical. you didn't make her Want you...she probably now thinks you are typical guy, a secret is...girls like a guy who overpowers her and makes her want to try harder to impress him...don't treat her lightly , be her friend and show her who you are 100%, and don't try to be extra nice to her, she wouldn want that :) if you keep treating like she's a queen, she will feel bored of you after a while and she won't be driven to impress you... be completely yourwelf around her, and she will completely herself around you, you've got to be more intimidating as well though


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  • Wow good on you mate that sounds like the perfect date, I don't know it from a girls point of view but you have given me ideas for a first date, I think it sounded perfect and yous sound perfect together :) she seems like she would be looking forward to the 2nd date

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