Which gender has it easier when it comes to romance, dating, and relationships? Guys or Girls?

Which gender has it easier when it comes to dating and relationships, boyfriends/girlfriends, etc.? Do guys have it easier? or do girls have it easier?

I want to know your opinion.

In my own personal opinion, I think girls have it easier than guys, because since girls don't have to deal with rejection, because the guy is the one who takes the initiative when it comes to dating and relationships, like the guys asks the girl out, makes the first move, starts all the conversations and keeps them going, basically the guy has to start the talking, do all the talking, etc. While the girl just sits back and relax, and decides if the guy is good enough for her. Like the girl gets to call the shots.

I know that is tradition, but it's very tough for a guy who is shy and has social anxiety, not very outgoing, shyness hurts guys more than girls.

I know that there are some girls who do take the initiative and pursue the guy, and ask him out, make the first move, but it is very rare.

Also another reason why I think girls have it easier is because if a girl asks a guy out, the guy is more likely to say Yes than No, yes I am sure girls will get rejected too, but I think that girls will get rejected half the time compared to guys if they asked them out.

So basically, the last few sentences I mean that if girls pursued the guy, took the initiative, and asked him out, a guy is more likely to say yes than if a guy asks a girl out, and she says yes, like I think the rejection rate will be lower for girls.
Does anyone else agree with me?
So who has it easier? Am I going to get anymore responses to this?
Seriously, girls have it so much easier, I know it is tradition, has always been that way and unfortuneately will always be this way, it's always or usually going to be up to the guy to pursue and chase the girl, and initiate the date and relationship.
Women have it so much easier.


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  • I think girls have a much easier time. they accept or reject and get to reserve the highest judgement about their partner. if a guy doesn't make a move, another guy will. a quiet girl can get a boyfriend, a quiet guy... likely never.


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  • Guys they are emotionless and can afford to think with their genitals and they call all the shots


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  • It really depends on the person. A lot of people would say it's men because we are only after sex. Actually there are some, like me, who don't want sex but the intimicy. I want to share experiences with someone I trust and share love, sex is towards the bottom of the list. Some might say women because they're more emotional. Personally I'd say every, maybe especially women, enter a relationship insecure about one thing or another. In the end it's a eprsonal thing I know guys who beat women off with a metal bat and guys who'll jump if a womann says mroe than "hi" or "bye" to them.