Did I text her too much?

>Be guy on Dating site

>message a girl

>have a converstion

>tell her you are deleting profile

>Gets her number

>text her next day at 12-ish

> no reply

>realize you did not tell her your username

>send text old profile name same day at 3-ish

>still waiting on reply...


Ultimately I want to call her but I don't know her real name...

I was thinking that she may only have free texting at a specific time. or busy with work.

i just don't want to mess it up...

she replied!

now I need to figure out how to set up a meeting with her.


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  • Oh you're fine! That's not a big deal, I mean it was kind of necessary to text her again so she wasn't stuck wondering who it is. But don't call her because that is a little too forward that might make her think you're a little clingy or annoying, especially since you guys aren't close or anything yet. Two texts is where you should stay at so she knows you are there to talk to, but aren't going to guilt her into talking to you. She will answer at her own pace most likely, not everyone attends to their phone regularly and she may be busy. So yup just calm down a little and let what happen, happen.

    Cheers and good luck (:

    • yep now time to find out how to meet her. without being a creep! haha!

    • Haha I have been in that position before, so good luck! I think you'll be fine! (:

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  • Calm down and wait for her to text you back.

    • yeah I know. this whole online dateing thing is new.

  • You text her twice, no way she can't see that. The ball is in her court, if she text you back then great, if not move on and don't be all up in her grill.