I don't want him thinking I want to date him. What do I do?

Yesterday this guy friend goes "remind me never to date you" after I said a reason I would dump a guy that he didn't agree with, and that night I asked him I had left my sunglasses at his place & he text back no, sorry, etc and I stupidly said "found them. I wouldn't want losing things to be someone else's reason to never date me haha"

He didn't reply to that and I'm regretting it. I don't feel like texting or calling "I was joking" and carrying it on but I'm worried he's going to think it wasn't a joke & I don't want him to think I care that he would never date me. We're friends and I don't want things to become weird now.

Should I just leave it?


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  • Friends don't usually make quips about dating each other, FYI. Just pretend nothing happened and learn from your mistake.

  • Rough patch. Nothing that can be done about it now. Pretend like nothing happened but try to make up for it later.


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