Is he over me or is this just how he is? Help!

Hi there loves! Umm, so this has been eating me alive with this problem I have with this lovely boy I like. We have kind of had a thing for a while, but he just wants to date, which I am alright with I guess and I think I am now the only girl he has a thing with. I guess he just doesn't want to feel the pressure of a relationship, which I get. We have gone on a total of 6 dates, and I actually took some courage and asked him to our last one. We have now kissed and been more affectionate about it, but the last two times at school after our two dates he doesn't talk to me or anything or text me during school for a week at a time. Now I know he is also just very busy with everything he does but we do see each other sometimes. Some tell me uh oh you should talk to him or ohh you're over thinking, is he over me or just like doesn't see the importance of talking during the week? Please oh please help! Thank you! :)


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  • He is the me who can answer your questions. I would guess he is busy during the week.

    • Think so? And I am sorry I am who can answer your questions? xD

      This won't affect how he feels though yes?

    • He is the one, sorry - I have a stupid ipad. His feelings may change, but I don't think it is related to the kiss. If anything, kissing a girl makes a guy like her more.

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