Simple online friends, dinner, what inferences can I draw from my observations?

Dear all,

I have been talking to this guy via WeChat/WhatsApp similar chat application but never have I knew him in person. We were simply talking to each other.

I'll keep it simple. After we've been "talking" for a few months, we went out for dinner. He seemed pretty different in reality - and when I say so, I mean I like the reality version of him better than the "online version" of him.

Little details of the dinner. Well, in the first place, I have no idea if he intends this to be a date, but he foots the bill. I noticed he kept looking/staring/gazing at me, which I did ask why, and his response was "because it's the first time I see you in person". Conversations were quite smooth, he's a pilot, so he lets me view his pictures while explaining (to just a fine balance for me). And I liked the conversations because it seems to me he's a person who analyzes and reasons, a trait which I don't see in many other guys. When he passed me the salt and pepper, our hands touched (not sure if it's intentional, just thought that it's worth mentioning), and he also touched my right arm a little bit where there were some skin conditions (again, not sure if he's just curious, or it's his character, or...) .

When my friend called to meet somewhere else in the same mall, he followed.

Towards the end of the day, he walked me to my car.

It did not go without negative points.

- Before the dinner, when I casually asked "how long have you been single for?" the answer was “who says I'm single? I have many girlfriends - though I'd woo you right away if I really am single"

- He notices my physical flaws (Recovering acne scars which he thought were freckles, and poor skin complexion considering the fact that I'm a girl), says them right in my face, but still reveals that my looks are above average anyway

What inferences can I draw from the above observations?


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  • I would watch out for the "many girlfriends" part, that's kind of a red flag to me. Does he mean he's DATING multiple girls? Or he has multiple GIRLFRIENDS?

    • Me: How long have you been single for?

      Him: Who says I'm single. I have many girlfriends OK.

      Me: Haha, too confident aren't you?

      Him: I warned you, don't say I cheat you later on.

      Me: *gives up* OK whatever you say.

      Him: If I'm single I would go after you.

      Does that help?

      And he did mention in some other parts of the conversation that "you're too great a girl and I mean it".

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    • Avoid this guy like the plague girl.

    • Thanks guys. Hurts to know the truth, but saves a lot of subsequent pain :)

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  • Sounds like either a player, or just a guy who sometimes says dumb things in an attempt to come off as more attractive. Too soon to tell really.

    Just keep seeing him, but if you want a relationship, avoid moving forward too quickly, and keep an eye out for him trying to push for sex. It's fine if he does (he is a man after all), but if you say you're not ready, whatever, and he doesn't respect your wishes, then he's not looking for something serious.

  • It was a date, he sounds like a player.


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  • Depends on his personality. He could be joking around and trying to look about the many girlfriends thing. I'm not sure I understand you correctly, but if he was pointing at your flaws and telling you you're still above average, I think that's a pretty sh*tty way of complimenting you.

    I don't know. I personally would look elsewhere.

    • Thanks for the opinion. I think whether or not I look elsewhere, there's not much I could do if he doesn't call again. So either way it doesn't make a practical difference I suppose..

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