What the heck are we - fwb, dating, or some odd mixture?

ok so I met this guy like a month ago.. gave him my number etc... it led to sex. we talk every day and get together to have sex at least once a week. we still talk EVERY day and he's told me he doesn't want me "sharing his goodies" he got upset when I didn't text him for two days... and the other night he called me hun. I'm not looking for a relationship I'm just confused as to what he wants...is this fwb...dating...or some odd mixture!?!


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  • sounds like he is looking for a relationship. you should define clearly what you want if things are going a way you don't want them to go.

  • I can't believe how easy girls are these days. I mean...you don't even know if he just wants sex or a relationship? Yet you continue to give him sex? WOW.

    • all I want is sex! I'm worried he wants more...I just got out of a 9 year relationship I'm not looking to settle down...so yea if that make ME easy wtf does that make him!

    • and I believe I stated such in my question...

    • Makes him easy too. You didn't state in your question what you wanted, or were hoping for. If you have zero interest in him, other than the sex, it would be good to let him know. You should be able to tell if he's really interested in you, or just your vagina.

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