How can a girl get your attention when you are busy with other things? Would you make more time?

I was just wondering...If you were dating someone but you were so busy at times that you felt you needed to just chill on dating her for awhile...what would you like for her to do to show that she is still interested? What would grab your attention and push you to try to compromise and make time for her/him? I know personally it can be hard to focus on something such as a goal and try to date at the same time no matter how much you like that person. School got in the way. What would push you to make more time?


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  • Well if the date is simple, doesn't take much physical and mental energy, and feeling loosened up and stress/worry free, refreshing and humorous, then I'd make some time to make the date happen.

    Otherwise I'd just spend my limited free time alone in silence and tranquillity, just relaxing.

    The key is for the date to feel like a source of replenishment for the heart and mind. Many dates feel like a drag

    • Thanks. I told him that it doesn't have to be physically intimate. I was trying to compromise. I hope I made him think about possibly compromising. I think when I suggested it at the time it was a little to early to think about it. I hope he reaches out to me. I want to go to the state fair with him. I don't want to ask (seem too needy). I would like him to. The state fair is the place to take a date if you don't have a family of your own. Would you agree? So I hope it makes him think of me.

    • Well it depends what kind of guy he is and what works for him. I wouldn't go to a state fair(I actually had to look it up because I ain't ever heard of it here in Australia) . I'd try a nice quiet spot by a beach, or river, favorite ice cream store.

      As a busy person, sometimes going and enduring dates can be exhausting even without any physical intimacy.

      However if the guy ain't enthusiastic and craving being with you, he'll just keep making excuses to be let off. I'd make room if I want

    • Yea I understand. I am confident that he is feeling me. He introduced me to coworkers and friends. When I would tell him that I miss him when we were making time, he would tell me the same. He even tagged me on Facebook so all his friends can see. He is an athlete. He was not happy with his stats so he is working hard to get to the top with his other team mates (crossfit). That can be frustrating. I sent him a pic and told him that I don't know future but I am there whenever he is ready.

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  • There's nothing you can do. He's not that into you.

    When a guy is into a girl, no matter how busy he is, he's going to make time for her. The fact that he doesn't means that he's not head over heels into you. I'm not saying that he doesn't like you, he probably does. But you're not a priority to him. You deserve to be someone's number one. Don't waste your time on a guy that won't spend time on you.

    • I understand what you are saying. He is an athlete. I used to run track so I can understand how that can take away your mood when dating anyone. No matter if they are Angelina Jolie or Tom Cruise or whatever lol...I have confidence. I can be with any guy. I am a picky person but this guy is exactly what I look for in a mate. We both agreed that we have never felt this way in a looooong time when dating someone. We have a deep connection. I believe when you have that it can work..patience is key

    • And yes...whether you are married or single..sports is a persons life. He is trying to go national. Look at my comment above and you may understand a little more. We can't just run away from someone every time they get quiet. Sometimes guys really need you but don't want to feel needy just like we feel sometimes. Someone has to be strong when the partner is weak at times. No relationship is perfect. There are always obstacles. Remember that when you find your true mate.:)

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