Is kissing him on the cheek too bold? Please help!

I've liked a guy for a month. We've known each others as passer by's for about two years, but we started talking not too long ago (we're both seniors in high school). I found out recently that another girl is after him, and I want to step it up a notch by making it obvious that I have feelings for him (without actually verbally saying it) before that other girl beats me to the punch. I'm just really afraid of losing my chance with him (if I even have one). I want to go up to him on Thursday, wish him luck (he has a football game) then say something like "sorry in advance if what I'm about to do bothers you" then kiss him on the cheek and leave afterward with a smile. Is it too bold? What else could I do? Please help! Thank you for your time.


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  • i think you should leave away the "sorry in advance if what I'm about to do bothers you".


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