You got to be kidding me, is this what I think it is?

Hi, So I met this girl online, and we had so much in common, she gave me her number let's on thurs, Friday we texted each other and talked on the phone for one and half hour, I asked if she was free on the weekend, (to take her out), she was working both days. We chatted, and she called a few times, she seemed very interested. On Sunday we made a deal to meet up wednes(I may have said I'll call you), the Monday went buy and I didn't contacted her, because I didn't have to say much and didn't want to bother her. The Tuesday early morning I texted her sweet message, she didn't reply. I called later Tuesday night she didn't answer, left a voice mail. Haven't recieved any reply yet. Hopefully she will contact me Wednesday morning. Do you this she flopped on me? Why would she do that, after showing interest in me, flirting on the phone and she seemed really nice.

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  • Because women are selfish, immature, and rude.


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  • looks like it, she probably got really nervous and started having second thoughts