He keeps saying he'll call but never does?

I've asked this guy to called me at least 5 times and he usually falls asleep without calling. We're kind of seeing each other. But I'm getting tired of not hanging out often, no phone calls and just texting. If the relationship is gonna go anywhere, we need to at least speak on the phone. I'm getting frustrated with texting. Its been a month and I've only hung out with him once and spoken on the phone once. Yet he texts me everyday all day? I never text first, he'll always text me in the morning. I asked him to call last night and he texted me this morning saying he's sorry he didn't call and then starts a conversation. I'm sick and tired of it. What should I do?


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  • I think it's kinda obvious... he's just not that into you. He might enjoy texting you for fun and it's always nice to know someone likes you (he likely knows you're into him) hence he keeps you on a string. It's like a ego thing. Think about it like this... if you were super into a guy would you treat this guy the way the guy mentioned in the question treats you? Likely not. Yeah guys and girls are different in some ways but not when it comes to showing basic feelings for someone. You need to either confront him and ask him if he sees you two going somewhere OR you just need to disappear and move on.