Would You continue to date her if she:

Rarly initiates contact.

She would call back, she would text back.

She is attentive on dates.

Dating 2 months and she loves being intimate.

Would you find it annoying that she never really make contacts?


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  • i just went through a situation like this with a girl I had meet , she wouldn't initiate contact ever but did text back and add me to Facebook but wouldn't message me or initiate anything on there . but she may not of been that interested in me so that could also explain her behavior . I just found it annoying she wouldn't initiate anything or didn't seem to be showing much interest but we weren't like dating yet


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  • I'd start assuming she was seeing other people in between our dates, and I wouldn't make long term plans with her. She acts more like an 'escort' than a friend.

  • I mean if she calls and texts, pays attention and communicates on dates, and I can bang her - then I don't see an issue.

    • No, she doesn't call or text first. But would respond to your calls/text after a few hours.

    • I mean would you be intentionally ignoring me? What's the purpose for it

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  • ha ha this is me to the tee! same situation and everything. Been dating a guy for about 3 months. I don't hardly ever initiate contact, but if he contacts me I contact him back. I am attentive on dates and he knows I love sex. I admit in the beginning he didn't think I was interested because I never called him. I always and still to this day wait for him to contact me. Its just the way I am. I hate clingy women that do not have a life of their own. I also told him I would prefer the man do the initiating because I know he is busy and I know he wilil contact me if he is interested. I thinks its a turn off to men. And to this day he has contacted me almost every day for the last three months.

    • yes you and I are the same...where do you see this going? are you also dating other people?

    • no, not since I have been dating him for almost 3 months. he's a great guy that eventually I would like to have a relationship witp. Right now I'm just enjoying the dating and getting to know him phase. Good luck to you :)