Should I give up or go for it?

so I started talking to this guy over the summer and we went on oovoo for a couple of hours and got to know each other a little bit. we texted all the time, usually every other day though, but we would text ALL DAY (he had football so he couldn't text every single day) we planned to hang out once but he couldn't make it. we hadn't talked until we started school. we said hi to each other and didn't ever text or talk again after that. so today the football players gave their jerseys to a girl, I wore my friends jersey (he likes me I don't like him) and this guy gave his jersey to his exgirlfriend who I believe he talks to a lot. today I saw him in the hallway and he smiled at me and said hello and I realized how attractive he really was and I think I might like him. should I go for it and text him after the game later? I'm afraid he's still on his ex (but they went out a while ago he's gone out with others since) he hasn't texted me in a few days I'm just afraid of rejection and I'm feeling rejected right now any advice?


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  • I think if you're feeling rejected already there is nothing you can lose. Try talking to him, seeing you wearing another guys jersey could have him confused on if you actually like him or not. He can't read minds so you should definitely try talking to him.