If you are interested in a person?

How often do you call/text a guy/girl you like? I have a few girls that I like in mind at the moment and I was just wondering how often should I call them? How often do you all call/text them if you are interested in a person?


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  • Not everyday but every other day and text briefely but not all day long. YOu don't want to overdue it and seem desperate but just text a lil.

  • well what I would do is first get to know all of them ha and maybe see if you like one of them more than other girls? after you pick the girl you like the most call her every other night or every night a lot of girls think it's cute when you text or call them every day well at least I do ha because it means you're thinking of them and want to know what they're doing it depends on the girl too so yeah just get to know the girls you're interested in I guess :)


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