Dating in another era: If you could date in another year,which would it be?

Well, I don't know about everyone else. But, I think dating in

this day and age totally and completely sucks! Way TOO many

rules! Way TOO many turn on's and off's. And,way TOO many people

breaking up for stupid reasons and focusing on things that don't

actual matter in relationships! Oh and way TOO many lists of what people want. People don't realize that the artist sketch in there

head is just that and you'll probably end up with the opposite!

So, with all of that in mind, I can see why some people stay single.

Who wants all the hassle of trying to be prefect, when you really just

want someone to love you as you are, right?

So, if you could of chosen another year to date in which would it be?

And, why?

I'd choose the 70's,because it was the disco era and it seems like it would have been fun. Plus, that's when my parents met and they've married for 36yrs now. So, I think it's good year.


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  • 1920's:) The 1970's were incredibly fun. It was a very sexy decade. It has just slowly gotten weirder since then, I feel.

  • 1960's