First date/meeting the guy... back out?

Ok, my initial thoughts were... really? Are you really going to ask me to drive to YOU for almost an hour, to take me to a Sunday morning brunch at a casino?

Not sure what to make of it... and we haven't talked on the phone yet.

Stupid move on his part? Or should I be open minded? I would think he'd at least make the effort to come out to me.. I admit I'm a bit old fashioned that way loll what do you guys think?

To update... he doesn't gamble.. some places are just known to have great buffets... but I find it a bit weird that that would be his choice to take a girl to for the first time..


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  • No, that's the way it should be done. It's the man's job to do that. Put aside what the feminists and liberal douches will tell you about equality and stuff.

    But before you get upset, first think...Maybe the buffet is excellent...Maybe it's close to his house...I mean...if it was next to my house, and drive all the way to you to pick you up, then go back all the way...and at night go back and drop you off and back all the way...that's 4 hours driving for me, but 2 for you. Because you only have to go and come back.

    He could also be lazy and wants you to come to him...Which is not cool.


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  • It is very strange for the guy to expect any girl to travel that sort of distance for a date, usually you meet half way or he picks you up at your house, but never to expect that sort of distance to be covered by her, sounds a little risky and a little to much to expect, I personally wouldn't do it,x

  • Why should he make the effort but not you? I would date someone who's not willing to make a small effort to have a nice date. If that's all the interest you're going to show, I better find someone worth the effort.

    • *I woudn't date...*

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