What should I do? Break or no...?

I'm currently with a guy that I will have been dating for 2 years this coming December. Since we have started dating there has been many issues on his side:

>Camming with recent ex on first day of dating me

>Lied about ex gf's identity for almost a year (on IMVU)

>Believed his family that my miscarriage of his kids were fake (they weren't I showed him documents)

>Just long long long story of issues with attachment to his recent ex

>Lied about working on getting a job while I was pregnant (He admitted to it...while I have full-time college and two jobs)

So recently I feel bad that I still have all this resentment for what he put me through even though he trying now to be better. Should I take a break so I can get myself straightened out or do I stay with him? I really care and love him but part of me can't let go of all the stuff he put me through...


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  • Regardless of the reasons for it, I think a break is always a mistake. Don't go on a break if you aren't prepared for the very likely possibility that its over for good. I think to go on a break is a very selfish thing to do.

    No offense to you, because you are certainly justified for feeling this way, I just feel like initiating a break is like keeping someone on a string. It's like telling them, "I'm going To go do whatever I want with whoever I want and you just have to wait around for me until I'm ready to come back."

    If you feel like a relationship with him isn't what's best at this time, end it. Tell him your reasons and that some time in the future maybe you're open to trying it again but for now, you want a clean break


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