Second chance and don't want to blow it!

So this guy and I were dating over the summer. We hung out a few times and he would always hold my hand and hug me and we madeoutt a lot. Anyways, things were going a little too quickly and he kind of backed off. He explained he just couldn't focus on much else with because he is an ivy league athlete and school and his season was about to start. He ignored me at first which kind of hurt and I told him that. Anyways we both didn't talk for a few weeks so I apologized if I over reacted and said I completely understood where he was coming from. Anyways, he said not to worry and the next day he initiated contact seeing how I'd been. His season is still starting up, so I know he ill be super busy for the next little while. I am also an athlete at the same school so I know where he is coming from. We texted the other day for about three hours just catching up and talking. He said everything was good between us andtalked to me the same way he did when we were dating over the summer. I really want the potential for a relationship when the season is over. How should I go about talking to him without texting him too much or pushing him away again? How often should I text him? Should I just wait for him to initiate contact again and just wish him luck on game days and stuff? I would love to meet up with him again, but want to wait a little while and feel how he seems for the next little while over text before I do this so I don't freak him out...I really like him and it seems he is still trying to make an effort. I don't want to ruin it! Any advice?


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  • Text him as much as he texts you