Why are guys such mama boys?

I am dating this guy who is such a mama's boy. She does everything for him. What am I just a piece of ass? He always compares me and his mom goes to me well he doesn't like it this way, he likes it that way. What's the deal with that?


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  • You answered your own question in your question! She does everything for him! He has her placed on a pedestal and it isn't likely anything you do or say will take her off it. Sounds like he thinks his mom is gold and nobody will ever compare to her. Also sounds like she'd be one heck of a mother in law, heh.

    It's not a deal breaker, but at the same time it's not something YOU can change. I would consider moving on because that's the last thing I'd want for myself. Unless he's sick in bed with the flu there's no way I'd baby a grown man (not in the way his mommy does anyway)! And I surely wouldn't stand for being compared to his mom or any other woman for that matter.


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  • Men's first love is their mother. Girls first love is their father.

    Who has not been either compared to their mother or father in a relationship. If I had a dollar for every, "My dad. Yada yada yada," I heard in my lifetime I'd be richer than Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffett combined!

    You definitely do not want to have to compete with his mother and if that is the position you are currently in, hand him back his diapers and tell him to run to mommy for feeding time.


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  • My girl April answered it nicely...