Phone calls and texting


I meet this girl,

she gave me her number

we sent a few text.

and she doesn't reply back for 2 days

so I call her with the intent to set up a date

she answers but is eating and says she will call back later.

she doesn't

i revive a text at 11:37pm saying

-- "Sorry I didn't return you call, Anon. You honestly caught me off guard."



1) I meet her online and sent a few messages back and forth until I asked for her number and deleted my profile (she lives in my city)

2) When I called she sounded very annoyed and the conversation did not even last a min.


I don't know how to feel anymore. I was excited and nervous but now I don't know what to say. I would still like to meet her but I guess I am a bit bitter with whole situation... how should I reply to this or should I?

I figure that she is just shy herself or playing hard to get. Maybe it is just cause I have not been in the "game" in a while since my last girlfriend with who I broke up with earlier this year (Feb) and she is the first girl I am trying to talk to since. :/


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  • Just give it another try


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