I'm not sure how to react to this response

So long story short, I met this girl and we did coffee and a couple of drinks. She travels a lot for her job and doesn't come back till Sunday. We've been texting a little for the last couple of days. Friday, she's going to a concert with her family so I'll see her Sunday when she gets back in town. I'm worried about this because I ended my text with "hope the concert goes well and I'll see ya Sunday!" And all she responded with is "thanks!"

Am I over thinking this but why didn't she say something like I look forward to Sunday also! You know what I mean? Do you think she'll flake? What's you thoughts? Thanks!


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  • I wouldn't jump to conclusions so quickly. Her short response could've been due to her being busy or something. I'd be more concerned if she didn't respond at all, or if she hadn't put an exclamation point. On Sunday, you could always just double check with her to see if she can still make it.

  • You're over thinking it. She probably just doesn't want to over text. Some people just don't like it.


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