Can someone please explain this mind game?

Background: This is about a girl I went to school with a couple of years ago. There was definitely a connection between us back then, but neither of us took initiative for something more then just friendship. When school was over, we kept in touch briefly on FB. Eventually we decided it was time to meet again, so we ended up having a dinner on 2012's Valentine's day (following a couple of reschedules). After that, we both wanted to us to meet again, but she changed her mind and it never happened. I was bummed about this and decided to give her space.

Mind game part: Recently on FB she has started to reach out by liking my profile picture, liking photos I upload, writing HB on my wall. Between these FB actions of hers I have sent her a text message (asking if she wants to meet) and sent her a text line on the FB chat (asking just how things are), but I get no answer back.

Does anyone have a clue what is going on her?


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  • She doesn't want a relationship. She wants to be your friend. People who are romantically interested in other people don't show it by liking their Facebook pictures. It's not even a mind game; you're just trying to read too much into the situation.

  • she wants your attention but it appears not much else.

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