Could you imagine a seductive date without alcohol?

I just don't drink alcohol. Not at all ( includng wine). And I just got out of a very long term marriage. Now I want to date again, my question is mainly for girls .

Could you imagine a romantic date ( that could possibly turn sexual ) without alcohol? ( This is the question of the poll)

another question is .. would you feel strange if your date doesn't want to drink but you decide to drink any way ?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Sure you can have a great, seductive date without alcohol. To be honest, the first couple times I go out with someone, I like to leave alcohol out of it for the most part. And I definitely want us both to be sober when we're sleeping together for the first time. I always feel like it's more romantic when you're not fuzzy on the details because you had a couple drinks. It also leaves me questioning the encounter less since a) I know he didn't just ply me with alcohol to get laid and b) I know he was perfectly aware of what was happening and we were both consciously taking that next step.

    As for drinking if the guy I'm with doesn't drink- it'd be fine with me. I'm not about to get hammered during a date, but if I want a drink when we're out for dinner, I'd order it even if he was sticking with water or whatever. If we were out with friends and social drinks were there, I'd still drink if I wanted to. I don't drink ALL the time (perhaps once or twice a week) and it's usually only one or two drinks at most- once or twice a year I get a little tipsy. To me, the choice to drink or not drink is a personal one and it doesn't have any bearing on a person's attractiveness as a date. Unless of course you have a drinking problem- then it'd be an issue.


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What Girls Said 3

  • It can definitely happen..

    It might take more dates.. and more work...

    But it can happen...

    You would probably have to explain why you don't drink..

    I may or may not feel weird drinking alone...

    As for how well the relationship goes, and how long.. that would depend on all the usual factors, but in your case, the whole I drink/he doesn't dynamic can come into play...

    Do I feel judged?

    Do I feel awkward?

    Do I feel damaged in your eyes?

    Do we argue over alcohol?

  • Yes. You can cater to her. Massage her, rub her feet, gently touch her here and there. You can have a romantic dessert... you can eat chocolate covered fruits and feed them to each other. Candlelight dinner ha there's a lot of things...

  • Definitely. Done it many times. (I don't drink and all my ex boyfriends liked drinking)


What Guys Said 2

  • I guess it could happen , do be honest I find most young girls 19-20's really like alcohol even the ones you wouldn't think were into drinking so much , for that age it seems to be more important especially socially at parties or bars . I meet a few girls this summer , who were like really down to earth / nice during the day but crazy drinkers by night at that age there really into drinking .

    but by 30-40's the party lifestyle has mostly stopped I don't think drinking is that important , a lot of women like a glass of wine maybe or a alcoholic cooler type drink but aren't looking to get wasted , I don't think they'd care much if you didn't want to drink during the date

  • Absolutely. Alcohol is not needed to be seductive, intimate, erotic, or anything like that. I prefer doing all that without any alcohol to tell you the truth.