What are some reasons a girl might say she wants to meet when she doesn't actually want to?

I've had this happen around 10 times in the last few months.

I'll meet a girl, agree a plan for a date, exchange numbers, text her a couple of days later, we'll confirm the date and then on the day she will cancel or just not reply to any texts/calls.

What makes a girl do this?


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  • Girls change their mind pretty easily or they were never interested in the first place and were just being polite. 10 times in a row seems a bit much though. There may be something you're doing that puts them off.

  • She's very conceited and she sadistically finds happiness in dissing guys and has a problem with keeping it real They'll try to claim that they were "letting you off easy" when they were just using you to boost their own pathetic drooping egos because they're lame and can't feel good about themselves on their own.