Online Dating: First Message Impressions

So I've decided to give online dating a shot. I've had no luck in a town that I moved to a year ago and a couple of my friends have met their current girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse on them. Right now, I'm just starting on OKCupid just to get an idea on how it is and such.

I've found a couple of profiles that I've really liked and would like to message them. But I honestly have NO idea what to say. I could just say 'Hi' but that's bland and doesn't stand out nor make me seem interested at all. I really want to stand out since I'm sure a lot of girls get multiple messages a day.

So ladies, what would be written in the first message that would intrigue you and want to reply to the guy? Also, would you reply soon as you read it or give it a few hours, days, etc.?

I'm definitely giving this a serious shot so I'm hoping not to mess it up haha.

Thanks in advance.

Eh, I gave up. Got no responses even though my messages were unique and funny. Goes to show that girls would rather be with attractive guys.


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  • Girls want to establish a connection with a guy so make sure you do just that. Read her profile and make a legitimate effort to learn about her. Don't just say "Hi", "How are you?" or "What are you looking for on this site?". Set yourself apart from everyone else. I'm sure there's some stiff competition on online dating.


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