Should I talk to him?

My friend gave me this guy's number that I had secretly been crushing on so I texted him and we got along well and had a lot in common. We weren't talking, but I thought on the way there. We go to the same school and after about 4 days I started getting frusterated Because he would meet me like anywhere, This girl had also said he did this to her. He texted her but they never met and he just stopped talking to her. So I got a little paranoid and was like look I am starting to get frusterated that we haven't met when I would literally walk out of my class and see you right now. He said he promised today he would make an effort and all was good I apologized for overreacting. Well we saw each other and I was really hapy. Until I check my phone the next day after loosing my charger the previous day and he didn't text me back like he always does. So I text him Hey, doesn't reply all day. Finally he says hey at night and I ask if I could call him and talk to him no reply. He ignores me when I walk by and has never texted back, Its been 2 wks... So I hear from my friend today his side. He said I blew up on him Because I thought we were going to date. I wanted that to happen but I only met him 2 wks ago. Then he said that wew were never talking and he never planned on dating me, So I am really upset and hurt and I want to tell him my side and be done with it forever. Is it a good idea? If I don't I will just keep dwelling on it.

*wouldnt meet,me
Just figured out why he stopped talking to me...he had a girlfriend. She banned him from talking to me. That's what he told my friend to tell me. He's a coward and a jerk...


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  • Although I don't know this guy's version of the story, I think it's very apparent that this guy is not overly interested in you. He blows hot and cold with his texts and is reluctant to meet with you... You're best off concentrating all your time and efforts on finding someone who actually wants to be with you and who is willing to make the effort to do so.

    I think your best bet is to spend some time composing one text (keep drafting and amending it if you have to) and send it to him as a closing text. Say what you need to say to get it all off your chest and then move on. I wouldn't be harsh or argumentative, just say your bit and then concentrate on other things... I hope that helps you! :o)

    • That's exactly what I did. Thank you!

    • Glad I could help! :o) Sorry this didn't work out for you, but you're best finding out earlier rather than later... Yeah, find someone who deserves you! :o)

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  • Perhaps you should concentrate your efforts on a guy who is actually interested in hanging out with you.


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  • Sweety, here's an advice: Be Smart and Play Smart! Don't say anything that will make you sound dumb. Don't let him get the chance to make fun of you. Talk to other guys. Don't call or text him until you moved on. Once you move on, you can play games with him.