I have a feeling this guy is no longer interested, should I text him this?

I had a free dating account... closed my last account a few months ago but still ended up texting a guy for the last couple months. He seems nice, funny and I totally lowered my standards because he doesn't seem as ambitious he's almost in his 30's and now enrolled in university to get his sh*t together.

I even lowered my standards even more because I'm 23 and never even gotten my first kiss and I keep getting rejected on and offline either before a date happens or after the first date! And some of the guys were pretty brutal about it too. He's only a little bit taller than me and not ambitious like I'd like a guy I want to date long-term to be. He's cute though and I do like his personality. I'm a tallish girl, a little overweight and average face. I'm nice, generally outgoing type of girl who always has her friend's backs.

He wanted to meet up a lot when we talked for the first month or so but I kept saying I was busy which I was but basically I was too scared to go on a date because of how mean the last guy was to me. Finally I'm ready to meet this guy. Last week we finally added each other on Facebook. He seems like a hot party kind of guy and I'm not.

I'm pretty much inactive on Facebook but I don't look anti-social or anything I have random tags with friends in pics and posts. I told him I'm not really active anyway. Since that happened he's stopped talking to me really. I'm the first one to text him, its just not the same tone as before. His responses used to be instant and now there's like an 6-24 hr delay and I know he's using his phone because on whatapp he's online frequently. The times I did text him first he would always reply "Hey beautiful/gorgeous" but now he just just says "hey what's happening?" or something like that.

Now with my last text he hasn't replied for about a day or two. Should I message him saying something: I think your not interested, but you seem like a nice guy hopefully we can be friends:). And if you want I'm free (insert day here) if you want it meet for real lol no pressure :)


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  • Yes you should text him something to see if he responds back. He is taking a while to respond back to you though. I also think hopefully yo udidn't blow your chance when he had asked you to meet up with him becuase he was trying to get to know you.And maybe fro mhis perspective it showed that yo uwasn't showing any interest. Try to meet up with him if you have time and set something up.

  • Do you really want to be friend with him? Honestly it seems he's not interested in you anymore and you can't be in a friendship or in a relationship with someone who doesn't care about it.

    I think you should just move on, without sending him any "last message".

    Let him contact you first, but be ready to accept the fact that he won't probably do it.


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