Why did I never hear from him again?

I recently met someone online who I started to believe was a player. We had a really good first date. The chemistry was awesome. He played the sex card really early which made me nervous. He explained how he got bored easily and that's why he couldn't find the right person. That he was able to get in bed with every woman he dated the past year on the first date and that they all chased him. I asked how many women he had been with and while it was under 100 it was still a lot. I of course didn't sleep with him because that's not how I roll. The next day I waited till he contacted me first. I wasn't going to chase him. He was upset that I didn't contact him right away but I had told him I don't chase, I reciprocate. We started talking like we were going to continue seeing each other. I had red flags though and was really nervous about it. So I admitted the day after that that I was really scared I would get attached and he would hurt me. I never heard from him again. Why? Why did that one sentence make him go away? Was it he knew he was going to hurt me so he decided not to? Or was that an unattractive thing to say? Or did he realize it was going to be too hard to get in my panties? In the end I suppose I don't care because I feel like I saved myself some heart ache.


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  • Please, for your sake, stay away from this guy. He's the complete definition of a player and the reason he didn't contact you is because you weren't an easy "prey". Guys like that piss me off more than anything lol. Please stay away, he'll only end up hurting you.


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  • It could be any of those things you mentioned. My guess is that he played the sex card early explaining that he got bored easily to test you and to see what you'd say - he just wanted sex, and he wanted to see whether or not you were up for that, without asking you directly. Then when you said you were scared you'd get attached he left you alone.

  • I think he just wanted to get into your pants as fast as possible. Since it wasn't about to come easily, he gave up.

    If he dated and had sex with nearly 100 women in the year, he's probably already planning his next two dates for this week.

    The real question is more, why do you care enough about such a bastard to post a question about him ?

    • I was actually relieved he went away. Spared me from worrying about if I'd catch something from him. lol And spared me from making the decision. It was 70 some women lifetime not in the past year. But yes he is probably planning his next dates. It's not that I care enough I was just surprised that this particular comment ended it for him and curious as to why.

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  • I agree with the guys who answered this question for you. You were going to be too much of a challenge for him... and he wants an easy lay. So keep away. ;)

  • he seems very wrong for any girl and you should have deleted his digits the 2nd after your date