Where do I stand with him? Please help, desperate...


So, me and this guy know each other for over a year now and are friends. But about a month ago we started hanging out more and more, we acted like boyfriend and girlfriend, kissed, it was amazing. But then he had to study for a week or so, and I was on vacation and a couple of days ago I texted him how he's been and if he wants to hang out. He texted back that he just finished with his exams and that we should. Then I texted him back how did he do on exams and when does he have time. He didn't reply and it's been over a week now. Does he even like me? I felt so good with him, and I really miss him but I feel like if I tell him that, I will just sound desperate... What do I do? And where do I stand with him?

Thank you for your answers.


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  • Where you stand? I have no idea but certainly if you kissed him that should mean something. I would wait a few more days or another day and text him back. Could be he got swept with more work and stuff maybe. If nothing just move on.


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  • Are you friends on social media? If so, (let's take FB for example), I would perhaps like a status or a new photo he put up (PLEASE let it be new and not something a few months old..then you seem creepy). The reason for this is just to show that you're still out there, if that makes sense. I would then wait a bit, perhaps another week and text a friendly "Hey! Free to catch up sometime?" If no response -- break it and move on.

    The reason I mention the social media is because before I started dating my guy, he would randomly go MIA and I would do that...completely ignore him as well and then randomly like a status he posted (he is a bit slow on updating photos). It was usually a good 10-15 minutes after I did that when he would contact me...literally. Will it work for you? ::shrug::, but from experience, it works at least in my situation. It is hard to tell where you stand with him without more info. Simply having a girlfriend/boyfriend experience for only a month isn't much to go on..