First date and affection question. What do you think?

I'm not sure where this belongs, dating or sexuality. Anyway, I just had a great first date with a girl. While walking around downtown through shops we held hands and after our date was over we had a couple passionate goodnight kisses.

So, specifically girls, what's going through your head after a date like this. Do you really, really wanna see him again? Do you think about him often? What's your mindset after the date?

I made all the moves, including asking her out, so what do you think?


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  • It depends on the individual, if I were her I wouldn't think much of it I would be thankful for the nice time but not all omg omg ; my sister is the type to be omg omg I love him it was so romantic type of girl if that would of happen to her on her date it depends you see , just ask her how she felt about it !


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