Why haven't I heard from him?

I met a guy on line over a month ago him and I are both in relationships that aren't going well. We started emailing each other at first then we started texting each other every day all day for about 5 weeks. We decided that we would also be boyfriend and girlfriend...After exchanging pictures..phone calls and texts we decided to meet each other and go out. That night we met up and we hung out with each other...talked...had a few drinks...played cards...laughed...even kissed each other quite a few times well after a few hours of hanging out he gets a call steps out and comes back in and tells me he has to go that his child fell so I left and he told me he would hit me up later. Didn't hear from him the rest of the night or first thing in the morning like I usually did so I texted him to see if everything was OK and he said his child was fine and that's it...so hours later I texted him and asked him what was up that it wasn't like us not to text each other all day and he never responded it's been a week and I still haven't heard anything from him no email..no text...no call. I haven't contacted him since that last text I'm just really confused as to what went wrong. I don't chase anyone but this has me really confused...feelings hurt and wondering why!


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  • His SO found out.

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